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Why the Mermaid Princess Seashell Pool Float is the World's Most Beautiful Pool Float?

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There are tons of wonderful things to do in summer, but pool parties are icing on the cake! Do you know when the real fun begins? When you've got the most beautiful pool float in the world to make your adventures and escapades even more exciting! Here are 7 reasons why the mermaid princess seashell pool float is unrivaled by any other:

1. Part of Your World

Look at that stuff. Isn't it neat? The seashell pool float is surely a must-have in any mermaid collection!

How long ago have you wished to become a mermaid? You've got to admit, you've secretly dreamt of being one or wondered what it feels like at some point. Well, as much as the Little Mermaid wants to be part of the human world, you can be part of their amazing world too by getting yourself a mermaid princess seashell pool float. Complement with a mermaid swim tail, swimsuit, or swimming fins and tails.

Live your wildest dreams of transforming into a beautiful and enchanting mermaid! Flip your hair and burst into singing the mermaid tune. Embark in under the sea adventures on your lovely shell-shaped pool float to your heart's desire.

2. Feel Like a Princess

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid during beach weather. Better yet, the girl who has everything?

Calling all single ladies! Pamper yourself the way you deserve- to be treated like royalty. Wear your crown and look fiery hot with this eye-catchy princess pool float.Guys will be scrambling on their feet and soon they'll be wrapped around your little finger.

To those who've already found Mr. Right, give your man a big surprise as you release your sexiest inner mermaid queen and elevate yourself on the most beautiful pool throne.

3. Pearl of the Sea

Pearls are stunning, adorable and quite precious. It dabs instant class and sophistication to any ensemble. You'll be the gorgeous shiny pearl sitting pretty on a seashell float. Whether on water or land, nothing's stopping you from experiencing the magic of the moment. Float silently in the pool on your marine throne or set yourself upon the shores of breathtaking beaches!

4. Luxury at Its Finest

Shaped like a seashell and laden with super luxurious craftsmanship, your beach float spells out sheer elegance. The mermaid princess seashell pool float is soft to touch yet exhibits reliable strength. High quality materials make certain you remain comfortable and experience ultimate relaxation, and be as safe as possible aboard your fun beach toy. It's pretty quick and easy to setup, inflates and deflates fast for you to conveniently pack and bring along during travel.

5. Lounge in Style

Sunbathing, relaxing under the shade, what would be your preference for summertime outdoor sitting? On a raft, a wooden lounge chair, garden furniture, lay on a mat, or remain at ease in your own shell?

Lounge indoors or outdoors in style on your mermaid princess seashell pool float. Simply toss it on the pool, lake, sea, pebbled ground, or sandy shore. Sunbathe like a true mermaid right on your perfect spot. Place in your home as a fantastic decor ambiance or in your own room for play or lounging.

Either way you choose, you rule. It's you and you're free to express your personality or discerning taste. You'll be the loveliest queen (or mighty king) overlooking your own underwater kingdom.

6. Life of the Party

Who's the head-turning mermaid beauty on the seashell by the seashore? Kick your pool party up a notch with a fabulous pool float both guys and gals will adore!

Have a blast of a pool party on ladies' night out. Girls just wanna have fun, and fulfilling your mermaid dreams is one unique way you dare try with your girlfriends!

Create lasting summer memories during daytime fun with family and friends. Float your way through and keep everyone swimming, splashing, playing and having fun in the water!

Don't forget to take pictures. The spectacular shell shape and bright colored pool float produces the best quality photographs to share and treasure as keepsakes.

Go pick out a teeny-weeny cute bikini or bathing suit, lather on some sunblock, prep up delicious frozen boozy treats, grab your one-of-a-kind mermaid seashell float and head out for a fabulous pool party!

7. Great Gift or Giveaway

The joy in giving is unlike any other. You've got your dreams come true and brought to life. Now it's time to share. Give the gift of the most beautiful pool float to your loved ones and friend.

If you've got a daughter, share this wonderful feeling with her with a giant seashell to fulfill her youthful dreams and remember forever.

The mermaid princess seashell pool float is seriously the most beautiful giveaway ever for any occasion- a tropical theme party, beach wedding, reception, bridal showers, anniversaries, banquets, corporate events, sweet 16 celebrations and more. You can also use the inflatables as a backdrop and make an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

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